Year of the Female Condom

female condom patent

Here’s a quick news note on why the female condom could finally take off.

The Soros Fund Management have purchased a 5.1 percent stake (or a 1.3 million dollars) in the Female Health Company, the manufacturer of the FC2 Female Condoms. The Soros Fund Management, founded by George Soros, is a privately held corporation providing financial services and investment strategies for various funds and a major player in that field.

Soros is known to often be way ahead of the game.

A few quick facts about the female condoms:

FC2 is a strong thin and flexible nitrile sheath or pouch 17 cm (6.5 inches – the same length as a male condom) in length.

FC2 is worn by the woman during sex.

FC2 has a flexible polyurethane ring at the closed end of the pouch (the end that is inserted into the vagina) and a soft nitrile ring at the open end of the pouch (the end that remains outside of the vagina.)

There is silicone based lubricant on the inside of the condom, additional lubrication can be used.

FC2 works to prevent pregnancy and STIs including HIV, by lining the vagina.

Via Dealbeaker. More Facts: Visit the Female Health Company.

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