World Contraception Day 2008

Today we’re celebrating World Contraception Day 2008 and for that matter produced 3 short illustrated videos that I’d like to share with you.

Your Life is a portal that “provides you with information, advice and resources on a range of topics related to reproductive and sexual health including contraception and sexual transmitted infections (STIs), whether you are a teacher, parent, healthcare professional or just looking for some information for yourself”.

World Contraception Day is a worldwide campaign (taking place every 26th of September) aiming to raise awareness of contraception and the need to reduce the high levels of unplanned pregnancy and to improve the level of education regarding reproductive and sexual health.

This year’s global ambassador is Kelly Osbourne and the theme for 2008 is “Your life, your body, your choice” and is focused on educating young people about contraceptive options to enable them to make informed choices about sex, contraception and parenthood.

The videos are all kept in illustrative style and show everyday situations. Above in the player you can view the party theme. Below are the messenger and the lift videos posted for your viewing pleasures.


World Contraception Day Messenger


World Contraception Day Lift

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