World Condoms Market

For anyone wanting to read a bit (a fair bit) about condoms, statistics, key players in the condom market etc. there now is a new 228 pages report to explore.

Although this little booklet (priced at 3160 €) probably isn’t meant for the average condomunity reader it’s interesting to scan through some of the innovations in this area:

9. Product Innovations/Introductions II-40

  • National Drug Authority Approves Scented Condoms for Uganda II-40
  • FHI, HLL Introduce Aastha Condoms II-40
  • Agreen Kare Latex to Introduce New Condoms Brand II-40
  • Church & Dwight Introduces New Twister condoms II-40
  • SSL International Launches Pleasure-Enhancing Condom II-40
  • Huge Brand Introduces Condoms II-40
  • FHC Introduces FC2 Female Condom II-40
  • Blue Cross Biomedical Introduces Liquid Condom into Chinese Market II-41
  • Ansell Introduces Pleasure-Oriented Condom Kits II-41
  • SSL International Extends Durex Condom brands II-41
  • Church & Dwight Launches Flavored Condom II-41
  • SSL Japan Launches New Condom Variants II-41
  • SMC Plans to Introduce First Implantable Male Contraceptive II-41
  • Hubei Pharmaceutical Launches a New Contraceptive II-41
  • Intellx, Inc., Announces Expansion of VA Women’s Condom II-42
  • Polar Pharma Re-Launches Adam Condom brand II-42
  • DKT Ethiopia Re-Launches Sensation Condoms II-42
  • New V-Amour Women’s Condom Introduced in Germany II-42
  • Durex Introduces Intense Sensation Condoms II-42
  • Mates Healthcare Reintroduces Mates Condoms II-42
  • SSL International Unveils Durex Sensation Condoms II-42
  • Durex Launches Performax Condoms II-42
  • Condomania Launches Newly Designed, InSpiral Condoms II-43
  • Condomania Introduces Pleasure Plus Condoms II-43
  • Durex Consumer Launches Two New Varieties II-43
  • Church & Dwight’s Consumer Products Division Launches Two Innovative Products II-43
  • Ansell Launches LifeStyles Luscious Flavors Condoms II-43
  • Trojan Introduces Extended Pleasure Premium Latex Condoms II-43
  • JK Ansell Launches New Sub-Brand, Kamasutra Sport II-43
  • JK Ansell Launches Kamasutra Xtra Pleasure Condoms II-44
  • TTK-LIG Launches Pink Version of Kohinoor Luxury Condoms II-44
  • Condomi Launches Vegan-Friendly Condoms in UK II-44
  • Marie Stopes International Launches InSpiral Condoms in UK II-44
  • JK Ansell Launches Zaroor Condoms in India II-44
  • Ansell Introduces Tuxedo Condoms II-44
  • Ansell Introduces LifeStyles Snugger Fit Ultra Sensitive Lubricated Condoms II-44
  • Church & Dwight’s Consumer Products Division Introduces New Line of Condoms, Trojan Pleasure Mesh II-44
  • Indus Provides New Line of Condoms, Choice II-44

Any newsworthy stuff will surely be reported on Whoever wants to read more about these topics now can find the World Condoms Market Report here.

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