World Condoms Market

For anyone wanting to read a bit (a fair bit) about condoms, statistics, key players in the condom market etc. there now is a new 228 pages report to explore.

Although this little booklet (priced at 3160 €) probably isn’t meant for the average condomunity reader it’s interesting to scan through some of the innovations in this area:

9. Product Innovations/Introductions II-40

  • National Drug Authority Approves Scented Condoms for Uganda II-40
  • FHI, HLL Introduce Aastha Condoms II-40
  • Agreen Kare Latex to Introduce New Condoms Brand II-40
  • Church & Dwight Introduces New Twister condoms II-40
  • SSL International Launches Pleasure-Enhancing Condom II-40
  • Huge Brand Introduces Condoms II-40
  • FHC Introduces FC2 Female Condom II-40
  • Blue Cross Biomedical Introduces Liquid Condom into Chinese Market II-41
  • Ansell Introduces Pleasure-Oriented Condom Kits II-41
  • SSL International Extends Durex Condom brands II-41
  • Church & Dwight Launches Flavored Condom II-41
  • SSL Japan Launches New Condom Variants II-41
  • SMC Plans to Introduce First Implantable Male Contraceptive II-41
  • Hubei Pharmaceutical Launches a New Contraceptive II-41
  • Intellx, Inc., Announces Expansion of VA Women’s Condom II-42
  • Polar Pharma Re-Launches Adam Condom brand II-42
  • DKT Ethiopia Re-Launches Sensation Condoms II-42
  • New V-Amour Women’s Condom Introduced in Germany II-42
  • Durex Introduces Intense Sensation Condoms II-42
  • Mates Healthcare Reintroduces Mates Condoms II-42
  • SSL International Unveils Durex Sensation Condoms II-42
  • Durex Launches Performax Condoms II-42
  • Condomania Launches Newly Designed, InSpiral Condoms II-43
  • Condomania Introduces Pleasure Plus Condoms II-43
  • Durex Consumer Launches Two New Varieties II-43
  • Church & Dwight’s Consumer Products Division Launches Two Innovative Products II-43
  • Ansell Launches LifeStyles Luscious Flavors Condoms II-43
  • Trojan Introduces Extended Pleasure Premium Latex Condoms II-43
  • JK Ansell Launches New Sub-Brand, Kamasutra Sport II-43
  • JK Ansell Launches Kamasutra Xtra Pleasure Condoms II-44
  • TTK-LIG Launches Pink Version of Kohinoor Luxury Condoms II-44
  • Condomi Launches Vegan-Friendly Condoms in UK II-44
  • Marie Stopes International Launches InSpiral Condoms in UK II-44
  • JK Ansell Launches Zaroor Condoms in India II-44
  • Ansell Introduces Tuxedo Condoms II-44
  • Ansell Introduces LifeStyles Snugger Fit Ultra Sensitive Lubricated Condoms II-44
  • Church & Dwight’s Consumer Products Division Introduces New Line of Condoms, Trojan Pleasure Mesh II-44
  • Indus Provides New Line of Condoms, Choice II-44

Any newsworthy stuff will surely be reported on Whoever wants to read more about these topics now can find the World Condoms Market Report here. Once you lend on the page click the “Table of Contents” for the reports.

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