Wikileaks: Julian Assange’s Condom Problem

Update: Condomania released a Wikileaks Condom… it was only a matter of time.

You learn something new every day: It turns out that Wikileak’s Julian Assange who according to some, or most media, is being sought right now by the Swedish police for rape, is not really wanted for rape, but rather for having sex without a condom.

I have just read an article about the matter and I thought it would be interesting to read:

Assange is being prosecuted for having sex without a condom, with someone who didn’t mind the lack of condom at the time, but who subsequently was cross about the fact that he didn’t use a condom. Who was a 30something university lecturer (not that it would have made any difference had she been an 18-year-old student).

Bummer. I didn’t even know that kind of law existed. Feel free to browse to the original article on Liberal Conspiracy. Just click the title. Another interesting article regarding the matter: Assange Beseiged.

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