Why Did Pakistan Ban THIS Condom Commercial?

Too much skin. Gyrating bodies. Simulated sex. Those are a few reasons ads get yanked. What really is too racy? Unfortunately, everyone’s definition varies drastically, which is why, in Pakistan, a condom commercial got pulled after hundreds of complaints. We watched it and watched it again, and not even a belly button was shown let alone a boobie.

The commercial stars Pakistani model, Mathira Mohammed, trying to please her “husband” by feeding him by hand and going next door to ask her neighbor for ice so she can make her spouse a cold drink. What’s provocative about that? The neighbors wonder what the guy’s secret is…. He holds up a box of condoms and says, “Bring Josh into your life”.

Josh means excitement in Urdu, but in this case, it’s a double entendre for the brand of condoms. Josh is a subsidiary of DKT International, a nonprofit organization that promotes family planning and safe sex for STD prevention. You would think that India’s neighbor would encourage educating its citizens on birth control. But Pakistan’s media regulatory agency would rather ban a totally tame commercial.

Hmm… not promoting birth control freely isn’t working out so well since Pakistan now has the 6th largest population in the world.

Watch the commercial now and see if you think there is -any- reason it should be banned.

We think this condom commercial by LifeStyles, banned by some, is way funnier and much more provocative. Do you agree? Tell us what you think.

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