Who Wants Better Sex?


Who wants better sex? That’s a silly question, isn’t it? Everyone wants sex and everyone wants it to be mind-blowing. Whether you are married, single or totally playing the field, you can easily improve your sex life with just a few small tweaks.

Take Precautions

Taking precautions is a no-brainer if you are having sex but are not in a monogamous relationship, or if having a baby, or another baby, is not on your immediate agenda. Of course, birth control pills are perhaps the most effective form of contraception, but there can be some side effects and women have to remember to take the pill every day. Guys have no way of knowing if their lovers are being responsible for their birth control. Let’s face it, even for women who are very responsible, it’s very easy to forget to take a pill once in a while and all it takes is one slip to cause an unplanned pregnancy. On the other hand, there is no denying that a condom is in use. All you have to do is take a look, and there it is, right on his penis. Plus, condoms are easy to use, have an extremely high effective rate and you will have virtually no side effects. One huge advantage that condoms have over birth control pills is that condoms also protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Worry-free sex will certainly make for better sex.

Use Lubricant

What is another way to improve your sex life? Use lubricant. It sounds so simple, and it is, and yet not everyone does it. Go figure. Using a personal lubricant enhances the sexual experience with just a few drops. Lubricant allows easier flow of motion and decreases the likelihood of condom breakage due to dry friction. That’s a win-win.

Add Good Vibrations

If you really want to crank up your sex life, think about using an adult toy such as a multi-speed vibrator or vibrating ring. These fun little devices provide added stimulation for both partners.

Better Sex? You Bet.

Practicing safe sex will remove your worries, allowing you to focus more on pleasure, and using lubricants and vibrators will definitely increase your pleasure. Start having better sex now.

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