Where NOT to Buy Condoms? Twitter Knows

Let’s face it, most products for “down there” are kind of awkward to purchase in person. When you buy tampons, everyone knows you are on your period. When you get rung up for jock itch cream, everyone thinks you’re gonna scratch your crotch any minute. And when you buy condoms, you have “I’m getting laid” plastered on your forehead.

Even if no one really gives a crap, which is usually the case, you feel that everyone is inwardly sniggering at you. As you crane your neck as inconspicuously as possible to see if people are looking at you, people start looking because you are calling attention to yourself.

Don’t believe us? Just look what the Twitterverse says about buying condoms.

Buying condoms in the store

“I hate when cute girls are in the store when I’m buying condoms. Now I gotta buy Magnums, leave and come back later to get my REAL size!” Oh, @DesignSoRaw we’re sure the cute girls wouldn’t mind your small wiener.

When this guy “Goes to buy condoms. The cashier is girlfriend’s dad.” Sucks for you @UnluckyBrian

According to @funnybrad: “When you buy condoms, there is nothing else you can purchase at the store that doesn’t make you look more creepy.”

Selling condoms in a store

It turns out, it isn’t just embarrassing for some people to buy condoms in the store, it can also be cringe-worthy selling embarrassing products in-person too.

Tweeted by @LexaGarrett “I hate when people buy condoms. I feel so weird checking them out …”OMG yes, it’s so awkward”.

Looks like @marcusantoniou_ isn’t that friendly cashier: “No it is not okay when you buy condoms through my checkout and try to make small talk.”

This guy enjoys embarrassing the clerk “… the look on the cashier’s face when I buy magnum condoms is worth the bagginess and flopping around later.” Hey @malber, you may get a giggle at the checkout but you won’t be laughing if the rubber comes off midway in and a baby pops out 9 months later.

Reminder to everyone: Always use the right size condom for you.

But the Tweet that made us laugh and cringe came from @kushbegum who tweeted her friend “ewww old men buying condoms at work”. You gotta love Twitter for giving us a visual in less than 140 characters that we didn’t really want it.

Be proud

Even though we are always down for buying condoms because they are so very important, we really love the mentality of @kevingchristy, who tweets “Buying condoms is the most embarrassing thing you should be super proud of.” Right on. Be proud of being responsible.

The best way to avoid embarrassment and be responsible? Buy condoms online
If you find it too embarrassing to buy your stuff at the store, or just want to stock up without any hassle, make a change and buy condoms online. It’s super private, and you can buy whatever type and however many you can use. We’re hoping that you need a lot. Tweet that.

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