Condom Found Under Pizza – Suit Filed

Giovanni's Pizza Lawsuit

Lawsuit…condom found in a pizza

WAYNE – Four Wayne County men have filed a suit against a local pizza restaurant. They claim they found a condom under a pizza they ordered.

This one is from the neverending list of let’s say interesting civil actions in American courts. Not too long ago a man filed a suit after he bit into a prophylactic in his hamburger at Burger King (at least he claimed so).

William Boyd Adkins, William Adkins Jr., Wesley Allen Blankenship and Curtis Ray Blankenship Jr. filed the suit Nov. 3 in Wayne Circuit Court against Giovanni’s Pizza located on Big Sandy River Road in Prichard.

The whole scene happened last year. According to the suit, the men ordered the pizza Dec. 3, 2007.

The pizza was delivered to the home, and the men proceeded to eat their pizza when they noticed that the box had a condom in it under the pizza, the suit says.

The men then started having complaints of nausea and sickness and went to St. Mary’s Medical Center for evaluation and treatment. According to the suit, the men continued to have psychological problems. Each man claims he has suffered emotional distress and claims he became seriously ill and suffered severe physical pain and mental suffering.

According to the suit, Giovanni’s is negligent in supplying the men with food that was unfit for human consumption. Therefore the men seek general and special damages to cover their injuries.

I really don’t know what to say here. No matter if the story is true, this is a serious history of medical records for a humble little condom? Granted I’d also prefer the condom with a pizza that way.

Via The Record/Cara Bailey [Picture Credits]

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