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It is hard to judge an online store only by its looks, so we’re stepping up to help you out. Online condom stores might be even harder, because it is absolutely crucial that you get a good product (not expired, discreet packaging, good price) shipped fast.

We got in touch with the shop owners and wanted to know what is good about their shop, how long they’ve been around and why you should buy condoms online at their store. Everything displayed in italics is in their own words.

This is a condom online store review for Undercover Condoms. Don’t forget to check the ratings by our users and see how many people voted for that site to get a perfectly unbiased opinion. Also, for me personally the response time by the customer support is an important factor in ranking any website (check in “short facts”).

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Undercover Condoms Short Facts

  • Date of foundation: 2002 in Columbus, Ohio
  • Founder:
  • Where they are: Columbus, USA
  • Response time: Half a day
  • Website: Undercovercondoms.com
  • Products they have: Condoms, personal lubricants, massage oil and more
  • Regional market: USA

Recent News about Undercover Condoms

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What Undercover Condoms Says

Why should anyone choose your shop?
“Undercover Condoms is a leading retailer of condoms, personal lubricants, massage oil, and more. On top of our low prices, we also offer industry leading customer service, the widest selection of products in our niche, and inventory controls that ensure we only ship the freshest product with expirations no less than 2 years from the date of purchase in most cases.

For those with privacy concerns, Undercover Condoms ships in the most private way possible with plain packaging and our corporate name, PCPD LLC, as the return address and billing name.”.

The Website

What are the website’s specialities?
“Condoms are the name of the game. We carry a wide selection of condoms from the most popular Trojan and Durex to specialty product like the Night Light, Inspiral, and Pleasure Plus. Additionally, we have numerous variety packs that are only available at Undercover Condoms”.

Undercover Condoms Main Site
This is the main page of Undercover Condoms with the condom brands in the main navigation menu and styles on the left.

Undercover Condoms Homepage

Quick Reorder
In case you’re happy with your last package: Reorder.


Variety Packs
The most popular items at Undercovercondoms.

Condom Variety Packs at Undercovercondoms

Their Products

This is what Undercover Condoms has in store for you:

  • Beyond Seven Condoms
  • Caution Wear Condoms
  • Contempo Condoms
  • Crown Condoms
  • Durex Condoms
  • Impulse Condoms
  • Inspiral Condoms
  • Kimono Condoms
  • Lifestyles Condoms
  • Night Light Condoms
  • Okamoto Condoms
  • Pleasure Plus
  • Trojan Condoms
  • Trustex Condoms

What are the hottest items in your store?
“Variety condom packs are some of our most highly sought products. They’re unique to Undercover Condoms and allow buyers to try a wide range of different product so they can easily find the one that works best for them. Other hot products include our safe sex kits which combine condoms, massage oil, personal lubricants, and other products in our inventory into one package. They’re a great gift for that special someone and gives the user a sample of every product Undercover Condoms has to offer.

Additionally, vibrating condom rings are becoming very popular. They’re hard to find in stores and our wide selection allow people to try several different kinds”


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