Trojan Pure Ecstasy Condoms & the VMAs — The Perfect Pairing

Plunging necklines. Crotch-high slits. Gyrating backup dancers. Yep, we’re talking about the VMAs! Opening the show, Lady Gaga caressed the stage in a shell thong bikini then sat in the same outfit in the audience for the rest of the show. Justin Timberlake was as sexy as ever. And then there was Mylie Cyrus… Stripping down to a nude-colored vinyl retro two-piece, she masturbated with a number one foam finger before and after grinding on Robin Thicke.

We were very happy to see that MTV has advertisers fitting such a spectacle. So often, condom commercials can’t air during primetime, but the VMAs are the prime time TO air a safe sex message. A commercial for Trojan Pure Ecstasy condoms aired throughout the awards show. The ad follows a naked couple around with various items strategically placed to hide their privates, illustrating the main selling point– “feels like nothing’s there”. Of course, like all Trojan condoms, they protect against unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

Can you imagine all the sex that happened once the VMAs and after parties wrapped up? We hope everyone wrapped it up.

Did you like the Trojan Pure Ecstasy commercial? What was your favorite part of the VMAs?

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