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1920 is the year when the brand Trojan Condoms first debuted. That makes it one of the oldest condom brands still around.

Trojan Condoms was founded by a New Yorker called Merle Leland Youngs who realized the potential in the US condom market for both unobtrusively packaged condoms only decorated with a Trojan helmet and high quality, trustworthy condoms.

Since the launch of Trojan Condoms it was an incredible success. Many pharmacies would stock Trojan and prefer it to other brands like Sheik or Ramses. In 1975, Trojans account for 56 percent of the pharmacy market. Today it’s said that Trojan account for 70.5 percent of condom sales in drugstores.

There are over 29 varieties of Trojan Brand Condoms.

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Trojan Condoms Short Facts

  • Date of foundation of the Trojan trademark: 1920
  • The Trojan Condoms home: Trojan main homepage
  • Trojan products: Condoms, Lubricant, Toys
  • Trojan availability: US
  • 1873: The Comstock Law forbids the sale of birth control. Condoms are now sold as protection against diseases
  • 1920: Youngs Rubber Co. is founded by U.S. entrepreneur Merle Leland Youngs. He’s 33 years of age and his goal is to make Trojan brand condoms compete with Julius Schmid‘s Sheik and Ramses brands
  • 2001: Church & Dwigth acquires the Trojan Condom brand

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