Trojan Condom Evolve Campaign Buses

The Trojan Evolve campaign is succesfully running since last June (2007). These days Trojan Condoms launched a sub campaign called Evolve One, Evolve All. Trojan Evolve is a community project inviting everyone to contribute and help Trojan to donate 1,000,000 condoms to people in need.

Celebrities, musicians, filmmakers, artists and consumers are invited to lend their unique voice to the campaign by creating digital content that describes the state of sexual health in the United States. The content (some of which will feature familiar celebrity faces like Josh Lucas, Alan Cumming, Gloria Reuben, Shwayze, Dana Delaney, Giancarlo Esposito and Matthew Modine) will then be viewable online and open to ratings, comments etc.

Trojan is also taking the message directly to the people with their Trojan Evolve National Tour, which includes a 40-foot interactive bus and virtual “Scream Machine” rollercoaster ride. I thought their machinery and equipment are quite impressive, so here are some shots:

Is a smaller van carrying equipment.

Trojan Evolve Car

Is a huge 40-foot interactive bus.

Trojan Evolve Bus

Trojan Sample Booth
Informing and giving out std samples.

Trojan Evolve One Evolve All

To help Trojan donating their condoms you can either comment, rate, take a pledge, take a quiz, send content or similar at the new Evolve community homepage.

Image Credits Kevin H.

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