Titanic Condoms — Feel Like the King of the World Even When She’s Going Down

Whenever you put some motion in your ocean, make sure you have some Titanic Condoms close by. Made of premium latex, they’ll make you feel like the King of the World even when she’s going down. And we hear these life preservers won’t spring a leak.

Titanic Condoms are brought to you by the same people who reminded everyone to “To Protect Your Wood” with Tiger Woods Condoms and “To Protect Your Weiner” after Anthony Weiner Tweeted a pic of his penis. If you are looking for a fun gift that still has some heart, look no further than Titanic Condoms. The company is giving 10% of the proceeds of Titanic Condoms to a charity that works to keep oceans clean and safe.

Hmm, after Obama Condoms then Palin, McCain and Mitt Rommney Condoms too, we wonder who will be on the next box…

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