Can You Believe it: Dollhouse Condoms

It’s not unusual: condoms have become a natural part of our everyday lives long ago and that’s a good thing. They are in fact so connected with the human beings that they are to be found in many depictions of our lives like in movies, video games like Fable II, comics, you name it.

I can imagine, however, that the newest one I’ve come across may challenge some people’s tolerance (not mine for sure…) and I’m interested to see what our readership thinks about it.

Let me introduce to you: the Doll House LifeStyles Condom Box by tiny details.


Tiny details is the company behind dozens of miniature products and also behind the mentioned miniature LifeStyles Condom Box. And here’s how they’re produced:

Tiny Details is a home assembly company that creates beautiful and realistic dollhouse miniature accessories. All of our products are assembled in the U. S. A. by people like you who work in their homes at their leisure. Our products are carried by the finest dollhouse miniature retailers.

So in fact if you think this is a great item, you can actually get in touch with them and assemble condom boxes yourself and make a little money out of it.

But back to the product. Tiny details was kind enough to send a few samples my way. See the pictures below.

Miniature Condom Boxes and iPhone Headphone
The iPhone headphone shows the proportions.


LifeStyles Miniature Detail


You can find the item in their store filed under “Slightly Risque”. The scale is 1/12. Now the main question remains. Would you put a condom box in your dollhouse?

Thanks to Kris, Image Credit Doll House Annetta 82

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