The Tiger Condom – Protect Your Wood

Frequent readers of will remember the Obama, Palin and the McCain Condoms that were the so popular during the Elections period in late 2008 and this year.

I just got an email from the maker of these clever viral condoms and so I’ve got some breaking news for you:

Cometh the Tiger Condom:


The Wrapper says Protect Your Wood and Approved for Swingers.

To see for yourself there’s now a dedicated page set up for the Tiger Condoms and while your at it, don’t forget to read the disclaimer:

Tiger condoms will not protect you from car accidents or Swedish super models. Any impression that Tiger Woods has endorsed or used this product with any of his transgressions is purely your own. This product has not been endorsed by Tiger Woods. Tiger Condoms are a creation of Practice Safe Policy. A portion of each sale will be donated to golf charities in the USA.

As you can learn on other sites 50 cent may have had similar plans. During an appearance on The George Lopez Show on TBS (December 14), the rapper revealed he is considering a line of condoms and may even add a “tiger” stripe to the packaging. His earlier plans of his own condom brand have been cancelled somewhere along the way.


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