The YourTube Condom

Since we have a trending post today – and it was only a matter of time really before the Dickileaks condom would become known and handed around in the various social media channels – I thought I’d have another very weird creation showcased on

It’s the YourTube Condom that has been out in the wild for a while to buy and use. It’s one of Medtech Products‘ creations that include Dolphins and weird shell like creations. I had seen that before the launch on a patent filing for a flat top condom.

A look at condom patents are fascinating to say the least and you’ll find very interesting things like shark condoms and lighters that fit condoms.

I want you to know what the manufacturer says about its YourTube creation:

Showcases the real you like no other condom ever made. First-ever flat-top design and no nipple end. It’s the new classic look in condomwear. True tube minimalistic elegance to look good – and feel even better!

Another related condom patent that has not come to fruition (yet?) is the baseball bat or beermug condom below.

P.S. The logo is a parody created to go along with this article and I’m not affiliated with either the YourTube Condom or Youtube. Any ressemblance is pure imagination.

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