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The Top 7 Places to Get Pregnant


After the kind mention on Environmental graffiti I think the time has come to also release our prepared, perhaps a bit more detailed graphics on condom prices around the world.

The survey is based on the average price of a Durex Elite 12 pack around the world (and not on other possibly cheaper possibilities). Interestingly enough the condoms in Ireland have a luxury tax on top of the price, which is absolutely ridicolous if you ask me.

The graphic above shows the most expensive places to buy condoms. These condoms are so expensive that the post title really IS appropriate. I think most of these are just overpriced.

Cheap condoms

Some of the cheaper destinations include Asia and some of the European countries.
cheapest condoms The Top 7 Places to Get Pregnant

US condom prices

When looking at the US comparison I'd say the New York 12 pack is far too expensive. But as long as you can get the New York branded condoms for free you're doing something wrong anyways.

us condom prices The Top 7 Places to Get Pregnant
The data was compiled by the online comparison tool pricerunner. Please feel free to share the pictures, but with the appropriate attribution.

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