Tantric Condoms Just in time for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is coming up, and it’s the perfect time for the ONE Condoms brand to launch a new line of condoms called Tantric Pleasure Condoms. Tantric Condoms are ribbed with texture that are inspired by body art tattoo designs and equipped with specially designed texture for enhanced stimulation. This product is available in three styles: Maori, Tribal and Titan. All three styles/designs feature the same easy roll shape with a little extra breathing room at the base plus a reservoir tip for increased comfort.

ONE Condoms was always known for their unique and hip condom wrappers and packaging. Now the company has taken the unique design a step further on a condom itself. Condoms featuring exotic texture could bring some added excitement to your bedroom. So if you want to try a condom that is visually interesting and also feels great inside and out check out ONE Tantric Pleasure Condoms. Make it an extra special Valentine’s night.

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