Swiss Catholic Church Distributing Condoms

catholic church condoms

The Catholic Church of Lucerne, Switzerland is promoting the use of condoms on the 25th till the 27th of October with a its slogan “Schütze deinen Nächsten wie Dich selbst“. This is a modification of the phrase “Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself” using protect instead of love.

The Church will be present with an Aids-Truck in front of the Lucerne train station to discuss the subject at hand and educate people about the current situation in some African countries right now.

As Father Alois Metz points out, the organization is well aware of the controversy that condoms are causing in the Catholic Church. But they believe – in tune with an auxiliary bishop from Hamburg – that whoever is sexually active and is looking for several partners, should also protect everyone involved.

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