Spray-on Condom Still Popular

The spray-on condom is just an incredibly popular invention. The world is first informed about the plans for such a condom on the 30th of November in 2006.

The condom was supposed to be market ready in early summer 2008. That’s when we published an interview (May 30th 2008) with Jan Vinzenz Krause stating among other:

In a nutshell: with the current technical possibilities available, the spray-on condom sadly cannot be realised. Such a product is yet to be put into practice.

Since the publication of the interview there are no real news about the spray-on condom, be assured. Although uncounted newspapers and some of the blogosphere got that fact wrong (nicely analized here).

Though yes there are news to report on when it comes to the inventor of the spraying device. Jan Vinzenz Krause is planning an internet-condom-brand coming in six sizes and to be sold exclusively online.

So while you’re still waiting for this fabulous condom to spray on, you can at least watch it on TV:


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