SKYN Condoms “Changes Everything” for Sex

Keep your eyes open for the new “This Changes Everything” advertising campaign for SKYN Condoms, manufactured by LifeStyles Condoms. This multi-million dollar campaign is taking a modern approach to promoting safe sex and hopes to bring more awareness to the revolutionary Lifestyles SKYN Condoms which launched in 2008 as the first polyisoprene non-latex condoms.

This advertising campaign, launching at Style360 during Fashion Week in New York this week, will use testimonials to tout the greater sensations these condoms allow during sex and remind sexually active people that SKYN Condoms are the “closest thing to wearing nothing”. Did you know that 97% of individuals who tried SKYN Condoms in a clinical trial would recommend them to a friend?


The “This Changes Everything” global campaign will feature television (MTV and Comedy Central to start), out-of-home and digital elements. If you live in New York or Chicago, you are lucky because the “This Changes Everything” campaign will also include sample events in these cities. “SKYN Girls” will distribute the condoms in bars and nightclubs and there will even be a “LifeStyles Condoms Make Out Booth” which will dispense photo strips along with a strip of SKYN Condoms. Viral videos and a mobile app will be coming soon. Sounds like fun times await.

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