How to Shave Pubic Hair in Swedish

In their latest online marketing campaign the Swedish Condom Brand RFSU take on a difficult topic in a very humorous and clever approach: RFSU teach you how to shave your private parts at their new website Instead of dull lessons you get a razor, scissors and a comb to style your hairdo to online fame. Once you’re happy with your creation you can save it and exhibit it along with the competing hairdressers.

The real challenge will be to put the 4 rfsu products to good use:

  • Daily Fresh: An extra mild and creamy intimate wash specially developed for daily intimate
  • Easy Shavin’: A soothing gel with a lubricant effect for shaving intimate areas
  • Nice n’ Cool: A cooling gel for application after shaving your sensitive bits
  • Feeling Calm: A soothing cream for dry skin and external mucosa

It will depend on the correct application of the razor and the creams to prevent your skin from red spots or irritation. Worry not, practice makes perfect. And don’t forget to pick a suiting name like the “tornado” or “the bold and the beautiful”. Who would’ve thought that this was an area to be so creative and artistic?

The Tornado

Visit and get creative. Update: English site seems down, you can still visit the Swedish version.

Update II: The original site doesn’t exist anymore instead there’s a scraper site at work right now, so I’m taking the links down.


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