New Condom Brand Targeting – Prostitutes

Amsterdam – There’s literally everything in this world. Now a new condom brand emerges in Europe which is mainly targeting prostitutes. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great idea, I guess condoms can be an expensive hobby if you need a lot of them.

If you’re not an artist or designer, being given thousands of expired condoms for your purposes, then you can obtain a cheap condom 100 pack anonymously and fast off the internet across Europe.

The new European campaign to distribute cheap condoms for the sex industry is brought to us by the Dutch Safe4now Foundation. Their goal is to “allow prostitutes to work safer, more pleasant and cheaper”.

Dive into the rest of their Press release to read more about Safe4now:


From now on this new brand of cheap and certified condoms is available in all of Europe. People can buy them anonymously on, paying 10 euro for a package of 100 condoms. This price includes delivery costs, thus reducing the price of a condom to less than 10 cents. The Safe4now Foundation therefore claims to be the cheapest distributor of condoms in Europe. By launching this campaign the foundation hopes to increase the use of condoms in the sex industry and reduce the spread of the HIV virus or venereal diseases.

A study of the Dutch research centre for public health and environment (RIVM) shows that 7 percent of the prostitutes in large cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam are infected by HIV. Because only 82 percent of the ladies use a condom on a regular basis, sometimes engaging unprotected intercourse with their clients, they still risk spreading HIV and STD. Among addicted prostitutes only 40 percent always uses a condom. An EU-funded project on 866 female prostitutes from European countries concluded that the lack of condom use was associated with HIV infections.

Seeing all those statistics I’d say it’s high time Safe4now launched!

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