Rubber Revolution – D.C.’s Condom Website

Washington is running a new use condoms campaign under the name Rubber Revolution DC. And according to some voices on the site this campaign is welcome among Washington’s inhabitants:

It’s about time!!! I’m glad the federal government has finally had the sense to fund programs OTHER than abstinence-only programs like it has for the past 10+ years.

Apart from offering a few tips and infos about condoms the site is giving out free condoms, hosting a quizz that tells you which sort of condom you are (for real) and Rubber Revolution is also giving away one iPad in a video-submitting-contest in which you explain where your favorite place to stash your condoms is.

How can you get free condoms in D.C.?

There are various ways to obtain free condoms in Washington D.C.: Call 311 and tell the customer service representative that you want to order free condoms or send an email to condoms at (only for D.C. residents).

Here’s what the website is saying:

DC is in the business of giving away free condoms.* That way you always have one during sex. The condoms are reliable, fit and are an important part of a pleasurable sexual experience. Getting a free condom for DC residents is easy and convenient. Pick the method below that is right for you. And once you have the condoms, don’t forget to use them.

What kind of condom are you?

Now if you have already ordered your batch of free condoms you can still go and read some quick condom facts or find out what kind of condom personality you are… So here’s mine:

Standard Latex Condom: Your no-frills personality is suited for the standard latex condom. While you enjoy a good time, you’re pretty laid-back, practical and unimpressed by excess. You have a great appreciation for the classic condom.

Via the Drudge Report & NBC Washington.

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