Condoms Even McCain Would Love

The Royal Air Force Regiment sent out 20,000 condoms this year in an effort to attract recruits. The RAF Regiment is the RAF’s specialist infantry unit trained and equipped to protect military aircraft, people, and bases.

Because of the low awareness of the RAF Regiment, they decided to a direct marketing campaign to 20’000 males between the ages of 18-24. They received condoms mounted on cards with the slogan: “Apply to the weapon when on manoeuvers” as you can see in the picture below.

The tongue-in-cheek creative concept involves a condom as it’s part of everyday life in the RAF Regiment. For example, Non-lubricated condoms make excellent water carriers and are very light and compact when not in use. In fact, there are many, many militaries uses for a condom as the rest of their letter shows:

  • Stop bleeding
  • Prevent sand, dirt and water getting into wounds
  • A condom placed over the barrel of a gun helps stop sand and dirt jamming the weapon
  • Filled with water it’s an emergency water carrier
  • Inflate them for good small arms targets
  • Use in emergencies as surgical gloves to help prevent infection spreading
  • Great storage covers for anything small that must be kept dry (flaes, matches, etc)

Royal Air Force Condoms Envelope

Emily White, the Senior Direct and Relationship Marketing Manager at COI, said: “We felt the creative idea of using the condom would appeal to the target audience and hopefully encourage them to think about the RAF Regiment in a different way rather than just at face value. We’re confident the DM will help raise the profile of the RAF Regiment with the target audience as well as give people a clear understanding of its role.”

How can John McCain possibly oppose condom use?

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