German Condom Queen of Cuba

La Reina del Condon the Movie

La Reina del Condón is a movie about German-born Monika Krause, who married a Cuban boat captain and went on to become Cuba’s first state sex educator. It is a movie about a tireless campaigner and her impact on the Cuba after the revolution.

As a 20-year-old she packed her things and sailed to Cuba with the man she fell in love with. She soon started to mingle with the highest circles of the revolution, worked for the Federation of Cuban Women and translated for Fidel Castro. A few years later she gains nationwide fame in her role as state sex educator, with radio and TV programmes of her own.

In this land of deeply rooted machismo, the emancipated German fought for the right of women to sexual gratification, contraception and abortion. As a taboo-breaker, she gained fame overnight throughout the country as the «Reina del Condón» – the Queen of the Condom, loved and adored by some, hated and feared by others.

The movie is currently playing in Switzerland (Swiss-Irish coproduction), but might well be playing somewhere near you soon. The movie by the two Swiss filmmakers Silvana Ceschi and Reto Stamm of Simsala Film is well worth seeing! For a short preview you can watch the trailer here:


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