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It is hard to judge an online store only by its looks, so we’re stepping up to help you out. Online condom stores might be even harder, because it is absolutely crucial that you get a good product (not expired, discreet packaging, good price) shipped fast.

We got in touch with the shop owners and wanted to know what is good about their shop, how long they’ve been around and why you should buy condoms online at their store. Everything displayed in italics is in their own words.

This is a condom online store review for Praeser. Don’t forget to check the ratings by our users and see how many people voted for that site to get a perfectly unbiased opinion. Also, for me personally the response time by the customer support is an important factor in ranking any website (check in “short facts”).

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Praeser Short Facts

  • Date of foundation: 1999, Zürich
  • Founder:four young and innovative start-up entrepreneur from around Zurich
  • Where they are: Zürich, Switzerland; Find on google maps
  • Response time: Half a day
  • Website:
  • Products they have: Condoms, lubes, toys, games, books, gifts and other
  • Regional market:“As for now that’s German speaking Switzerland”.

Recent News about Praeser

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What Praeser Says

Why should anyone choose your shop?
“ provides a huge selection of quality condoms as well as fun and useful accessories. Delivery is fast, reliable, descreet and free for orders over CHF 60.-. The team behind is constantly improving the service and product range, seeking for nothing than excellency”.

The Website

What are the website’s specialities?
“The website is focused on providing a shopping experience as comfortable as possible, starting with a clear and friendly visual appearance over to personal customer service. We think a lot about how to improve this experience in any way, may it be in function or product range (watch out for some great new, exclusive stuff coming very soon!) We’re also very keen about quality – and when it comes to condoms, quality means comfort and safety above all”.

Praeser Main Site
This is the main page of Praeser. Products are on your left hand side. Important information in top navigation. To be honest I just love the favicon (the little image displayed in the browser url field) :

Praeser Homepage

Praeser Community has some community services built in. Community

Their Products

This is what Praeser has in store for you:

  • Billy Boy Condoms
  • Blausiegel Condoms
  • Ceylor Condoms
  • Condomi Condoms
  • Crest Condoms
  • Durex Condoms
  • Femidom
  • Hot Rubber Condoms
  • Love Light Condoms
  • Lümmeltüten Condoms
  • Manix Condoms
  • Private Condoms
  • RFSU Condoms
  • Secura Condoms

What are the hottest items in your store?
“Durex Avanti Ultima and Ceylor Non-Latex ultra thin – both condoms are latex free which avoids the typical condom ‘aroma’. Also look out for those great swedish vibrators from lelo, they are both beautiful and efficient”.


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By the way, know that the store officials are reading here, which means that suggesting improvements etc. will be read and appreciated by them.

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