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Polyisoprene New Promising Condom Material


Most condoms out there are made from latex. That's due to its perfect elastic properties and strength. But latex has also always had some drawbacks - for some people at least. Many people out there suffer from latex allergy, which makes it virtually impossible to wear latex condoms. Polyurethane on the other hand is expensive, not as elastic and soft as latex.

Now there's a new promising technology being launched by LifeStyles Condoms called SKYN promising to provide skin-to-skin sensation. It's made from a new non-latex, polyisoprene formula which focuses on sensitivity. But it has the advantages of latex. Non-latex condoms are a great choice for people with an allergy to natural rubber latex.

LifeStyles claims that this formula has made it possible to provide improved sensitivity. They are the first condom brand to introduce a clinically tested (and FDA approved) polyisoprene condom.

lifestyles polyisoprene condom material skyn1 Polyisoprene New Promising Condom Material

One tenth (almost) of the American Population is afflicted with latex allergies, the Skyn polyisoprene has just like polyurethane no latex that would cause allergic reactions. But compared to the polyurethane condoms the Skyn products are softer and therefore adapt more easily to the form of its wearer. It's also stretchier and more resistant to breakage.

Let us quickly do a short history lesson. The use for the original polyisoprene was discovered by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs who harvested the, then unnamed polyisoprene from the sap of the hevea tree and used it to make waterproof boots and the balls which they used to play a game similar to basketball.

Polyisoprene the Material

The Skyn is an interesting example to show how long it takes for such a product to be marketed and sold in stores. The patent for a polyisoprene condom was filed in 2002 that's when the development of the material was more or less finished.

skyn condom polyisoprene patent1 Polyisoprene New Promising Condom Material

Unlike it's ancestral counterparts, the hevea trees are not harmed in the making of Skyn. Today polyisoprene is created in a laboratory and specially treated to give it crosslinks, which allows the material to stretch more and helps to recover the original shape after being stretched.

A little comparison with polyurethane makes it obvious that the new skyn technology might be a serious leap forward. Because polyurethane condoms are stiff and unstretchable to certain extent and they don't conform to the body. They’ve got the clear color and the "no latex allergens" in common.

The picture you see above is a scanning electron micrograph image of the surface of a polyisoprene condom.

LifeStyles SKYN Unboxing

For everyone who'd like to see more about the product we do what I call unboxings. A short video sequence of the condom box being opened, so you can see what hides inside. Click the image or here to watch the Skyn unboxing.

skyn unboxing video Polyisoprene New Promising Condom Material

The box in question was a LifeStyles Skyn 3-pack. 3 condoms and a user manual printed on the package in English and Spanish are hiding inside.

More Info about LifeStyles Skyn

A short summary of our findings:

  • Name of the product: Skyn LifeStyles 3 Piece Box
  • Brand origin and date of formation: USA 1985
  • Producer: Ansell Healthcare Products LLC
  • Pricing: About 2.50 Dollars (3-pack) and 12.99 Dollars (12-pack)
  • Color: Natural
  • Length: 190mm +/- 10mm
  • Width: 53mm
  • Manual Languages: English, Spanish
  • Quality: FDA approved
  • Plus +: No Latex Allergens

That's it. The new product from LifeStyles unboxed for you. Now it's your turn. What are your findings?


  1. BEST CONDOM EVER. For the guy who needs a little "more," this condom is incredible.

    I have a latex allergy, and the Trojan Magnums are out due to their latex content. These are perfect; I can use them all night and not have any problems with a reaction.

    They are lubricated on the inside as well, so once the guy gets going, the body heat from the both of you really feels natural and not like you're wearing a bag. ;)

    I have used this condom with guys that were not quite as long but very girthy, and they swear by them. Also men who have considerable length will like this condom! It is really a lifesaver, especially for men who refuse to wear a normal-sized condom due to the restrictive feeling. Yay for the Mega!!

  2. Love these! My guy is on the larger side and these fit great! They have a more natural and warmer feel than latex. Latex always dried me up and was not as pleasurable. With these there have been no such problem!! I and my O's thank you!

  3. Hey has anyone looked up that the scientific name for LATEX is POLYISOPRENE. I think they feel better than latex, but I am really curious how they are made. Are they actually derived from Latex? Would like some more information.

  4. These are amazing! I have a latex allergy and cant touch latex without getting a horrible painful rash. I have tried polyurethane condoms and I didnt like the feeling of it,even being on the opposite end it felt unnatural and a bit uncomfortable. I tried skyn condoms and it didnt feel like my partner was wearing anything...i had to double check! Haha. Also,no discomfort. These will definitely become our regulars.

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