Patent 6453903 B1 Looking for an Investor

Although or because we’re in tough times when it comes to obtaining credits or the economy in general, the condom industry does particularly well and sells more of their products than in times of a booming economy. Consequently it would be a wise idea to invest into birth control/sex technologies right now.

Condom Seeks Angel Investor

Just a few days ago we got an interesting comment on from a user (called Conxband) who’s looking for investments for the patent 6,453,903 B1 – Condom with Constrictive Band about Opening. Because the comment was a bit off-topic i decided to give it a whole post.

That’s the comment by Conxband:

View the United States Patent for the Condom that is the first significant change in condoms in 75 years. It has both medical implications along with performance implications. Patent 6,453,903 B1 I am looking for either an angel investor or a leaseing /sale equation.

Condom with Constrictive Band about Opening

Condom with Constrictive Band about Opening

Here’s what the patent’s about:

A condom is described having a broad constrictive band adjacent the proximal end in order to maintain the blood supply in the erect penis and thereby maintain and prolong the erection. The proximal constrictive band is molded integral with the latex condom material or formed as a separate band ol a rubber material. The separate band may be adhesively attached or solvent welded to the latex condom. Alternatively, the band may be used separate from the condom.

  • Patent number: 6453903
  • Filing date: Jul 13, 2001
  • Issue date: Sep 24, 2002
  • Inventors: Kirtis Thomas, III

So anyone who does not know what to do with his money, this might be an idea. For everyone else there’s lots of silly, hilarious and genious patents to be discovered.

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