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ONE Condoms UK are the same condoms as the ones available in the US. However here in the UK with a slightly different background. The ONE condoms are selling as 3-packs and are available as ONE Condoms Mixed Pleasures and ONE Condoms Super Sensitive.

All profits made from the ONE Condoms in the UK will go towards raising awareness of HIV and AIDS and the funding of testing in rural communities in Africa.

The organisation behind this project is Global Ethics, the producers of UK’s ethical water brand, One Water. One water was launched in 2005 by Global Ethics. 100% of its profits go to funding water projects in Africa. One water was born from the simple premise of like for like or ‘water for water’, when UK consumers drink One Water, Africa drinks too.

Design a Wrapper

All of the designs on the ONE Condoms are made by people like you. So if you want to see your own design on the wrappers, send it in on the homepage and be the Rembrandt of Rubbers (also you’ll get a year’s supply of your design).

ONE UK Design Competition

The UK home of ONE is where you can support one’s vision of a better world among other things:

Like all great stories, this one started in a pub. In 2003 a group of friends were watching the Grand National in a pub in London when one of them happened to mention that he’d read an article that 1 billion people didn’t have access to clean water. He thought we should do something about it. More specifically, we should launch a not-for-profit bottled water which gave all its profits away to fund well-building programmes.

Learn all the details about the foundation of ONE Water, what kind of projects they do and how you can contribute.

ONE Packaging

ONE use beautifully designed aluminum style cases for their packages. To see the packages for the individual products, just click on the pictures below they’ll take you to the single products with more information. The UK cases are 3-Packs and reusable.

ONE Condoms UK 3-Pack

ONE Products

2 products are available in the UK so far. The ONE Mixed Pleasures 3-Pack and the ONE Super Sensitive 3-Pack.

ONE Mixed Pleasures & ONE Super Sensitive

ONE Condoms UK

ONE Information Summary

  • Brand origin and date of formation: USA, ?
  • More about ONE: ONE Condoms Main Page
  • Pricing: Depends
  • Visit: The
  • Length: 180-200 mm
  • Width: 51-55 mm
  • Quality: European CE mark
  • +: Really fashionable, colorful concept
  • ++: All profit will go to HIV projects in Africa

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