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Super Sensitive Condomunitized was founded to stress the entertaining part of condoms and to support our readers in choosing condoms and give them as much information as possible. Many times condoms are packaged in cases on which you can’t even find the condom size printed on. What a shame! We want absolute transparency. We want you to know what you buy and what’s inside the packaging.

We don’t sell condoms on Condomunity. This allows us to stay perfectly neutral with our condom reviews and to literally take the condoms apart.

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The Product

What they say:

Super Sensitive – An exceptionally sheer condom offering the same strength yet greater sensitivity than standard condoms.

  • Ultra-thin formulation allowing less to come between you and your partner
  • Premium lubricant for gliding comfort
  • every ONE Condom is individually, electronically tested for safety and reliability

The Super Sensitive Packaging

There are 3 forms (or 4 if you like) of packaging for the ONE Super Sensitive condoms.

Super Sensitive 3 Pack

ONE Super Sensitive Condoms 3

Super Sensitive 3 Pack UK

Super Sensitive UK

Super Sensitive 12 Pack

ONE Super Sensitive 12 Box

Super Sensitive 50 Pack

Super Sensitive 50 Pack

Super Sensitive the Wrapper

ONE Condoms have more than 120 unique designs on their wrappers. The wrappers are round, sometimes difficult to open and beautiful. Picture is 1:1 in sizing.

ONE Condoms Super Sensitive Wrapper


What you say:

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Condom Shape

ONE Super Sensitive are classically shaped condoms.


The video for ONE Super Sensitive will be with you very soon.

Buy ONE Super Sensitive Online

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Summary ONE Super Sensitive

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