One Condoms Design Contest

ONE Condoms Design ContestONE Condoms, the US American condom brand with the round and colorful wrappers, does yet another design contest. This year the design contest will be carried out with a slightly modified set of rules.

The edition 2010/2011 of “become the Rembrandt of Rubber” will actually be two editions – or two contests to be exact. There’s the Professional Division (Graphic Designers, Artists, and Photographers) and the
Open Division (Art Students, Design Enthusiasts, and the General Public) with different prizes to be won.

Some of the prizes are:

  • $1,000 Cash
  • Your design produced on ONE® Condom wrappers
  • Year’s supply of ONE® Condoms (365)
  • A profile page, showcasing your artwork on
  • 5,000 condoms donated to a health organization in your name
  • A Plaque featuring your design

That’s just some of the prizes up for grabs, if you’re interested you can always go check the rest.

There are a few other things (other than submit your design) you can do at the ONE Condoms Design contest page. You may have a look at other condom wrapper designs and rate those as well.

By now, round 2 has already launched. The voting has started and submissions for round 3 are accepted. Deadline: 1/30/11.


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