Sexiest Olympic Games of all Times Are…

The Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 are finished and I think it’s a good time to disclose some very sensitive information (at least when I’m looking back at how hard it was to get hold of it). There’s been a lot of talk about condoms at this years’ Olympics from the brilliant Elasun Condoms viral to the 100,000 condoms placed in the Olympic Village by the Beijing organizers.

But have you ever wondered at which Games the athletes have been the most active – at night? Since Seoul 1988, they get handed out condoms to keep them safe. This has now long become some kind of tradition.

We thought it would be fun to compile an overview over the last 20 years of outstanding athletic performances.


The only stats that seemed unavailable were of the Olympic Winter Games 2006 in Turin, Italy. You’ve got to forgive the Italian though, they are under the radar of the Pope…

This week yahoo reported that two-thirds of the 100’000 Beijing condoms were sitting unused on shelves in the Olympic Village. This contrasts strongly for example Sydney, where (in 2000) 20’000 additional condoms (to the original 70’000) had to be brought in to satisfy the needs.

So Beijing clearly doesn’t win this race. No, this time the winner is: Athens, where 130’000 condoms were at the athletes’ disposal.

Find the additional information in the lists below.

The summer Games since 1988:

CityCondoms Given Out
Seoul 1988Beginning to distribute condoms for 8’500 athletes
Barcelona 199250’000 – 80’000 condoms for 9’500 athletes
Atlanta 199615’000 condoms for 10’500 athletes
Sydney 200070’000 and another 20’000 had to be brought in for 11’000 athletes
Athens 200430’000 condoms for 17’000 athletes
Beijing 2008100’000 condoms for 16’500 athletes

For the recent Games in Beijing, you need to realize though that another 300,000 condoms were placed in Beijing hotels during the Games. We don’t know how many of those condoms were actually used. Here’s an example of a Beijing 2008 hotel condom for your viewing pleasure.

The winter Games since 1988:

CityCondoms Given Out
Calgary 1988Beginning to distribute condoms for 1’500 athletes
Albertville 1992 30’000-36’000 condoms for 1’800 athletes
Lillehammer 199440’000 condoms for 1’700 athletes
Nagano 199836’000 condoms 2’200 athletes
Salt Lake City 2002250,000 condoms were to be handed out before they met protests by religious groups and the number was scaled back – supposedly to 100’000 for 2’500 athletes
Turin 2006no stats available for condoms; 2’500 athletes attended
Vancouver 20105,500 athletes and officials will be staying in the Olympic villages in the Canadian city. They plan to distribute at least 18 condoms each

That’s the compiled list of how many condoms were given out through Olympic officials to the Olympic athletes at each event. If you have other, better or more information feel free to comment below.

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