Oil Spill Condoms

Remember the Obama Condoms, the Palin-McCain Condoms or maybe the Tiger Woods Condoms all popping up when the World media was seemingly focused on just one topic?

Since the laugh is always on the loser we now have another special edition condom coming up: please welcome the Oil Spill Condom.


The creator claims:

Oil Spill Condoms are real latex condoms that are FDA approved. Not only will they protect you from accidental spills, but they’ll provide relief from long term drilling. Our wildlife is in danger and we need to protect it and our environment. In our own way, we want people to drill without the spill. We also hope to draw attention to the people and places in need around the Gulf, and to the people committed to providing assistance in the region, like the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.

On the website, a couple of quotes highlight the play of words:

Drilling: They’re great for deep drilling, and they’ll help to prevent a blow-out!

Spills: Helps to prevent a messy clean up.

Containment: Great for containing your gusher and protecting your junk shot!

Lubricated: Need we say more?

This time, around 20% of the proceeds of the Oil Spill Condom will go to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund. (Personally, I’d like to see something like a proceeds counter on the official website).

Update 4.8.2010: Benjamin Sherman has just sent me an email stating that “we’ve been able to raise $500 for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund” so far.

The occasion is somewhat too serious for my taste, but I’m guessing every bit of donation is of great importance. What do you think?

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