Oh, Boy… I’m Pregnant! I Should Have Used a Condom

If guys had to worry about getting knocked up rather than just doing the knocking up, do you think they would use condoms more often? Would the thought of dealing with nine months of pregnancy along with the baby that comes after, make a difference in how many teens practice safe sex?

The imagery of this concept is what the City of Chicago is banking on for its new safe sex campaign.

To lower the teen pregnancy rate, Chicago is running ads, similar to ones Milwaukee did, depicting pregnant teenage boys. The imagery in the ads is unexpected, just like most teenage pregnancies are.

Condoms, of course, are more important to safe sex than just preventing pregnancy — they are the only way to lower the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

We like any campaign that promotes safe sex. But we especially like campaigns that remind everyone that responsibility falls on both partners. This campaign even mentions abstaining…

Of course, some people find the ads too controversial and even offensive. But getting people to think, and talk, about safe sex is always appropriate. Now, if everyone would just practice safe sex every time….

If you are in need of some condoms to keep both you and your partner safe, try this condom sampler pack. You’ll get to try a variety to find the ones you like best.

What do you think of the “Unexpected?” ads? We think they are cool, and we can’t wait to see what ads Chicago might come up with next. Tell us what you think.

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