NYC Power Button Condom Wrapper


NYC Condoms – As mentioned before in an earlier post, the NYC Condom wrapper has gotten a new face: please welcome the “Power Button”. Although the city had just redone the wrapper design and other elements by fuseproject a short time ago, they wanted to keep people talking about its free condom line. Therefore the Health Department set up a design contest and invited New Yorkers to design their own.

Announced in December, the contest drew nearly 600 entries from all five boroughs as well as other states and countries from around the world. A panel of local artists, advertising professionals and public health and social-marketing experts chose five finalists whose entries best captured the city’s spirit and the NYC Condom program’s public health message.

The judges’ top picks were posted on the NYC Condom’s Facebook page and on the Health Department’s website, where New Yorkers voted for their favorites.

The winning design submitted by Luis Acosta of Kew Gardens, Queens, has been chosen by more than 23% of the voters. Acosta’s winning design will appear on several million limited-edition NYC Condom packages beginning this fall, and may also be featured in the City’s future condom promotions.

The NYC Condom program is doing all of New York City a great service, and I’m very excited to be a part of it,” Acosta said. “I hope my package design reminds people that they’re in control. We all have the power to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS and unplanned pregnancies.


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