Condom Lubricant Cures Acne

The most interesting news of the week are coming our way from Cambodia. The Number One Plus condom lubricant originally designed for sex workers and and gay men has apparently become a popular acne cure among Cambodian women.

The water-based lubricant produced by the health organisation Population Services International has become a real hit among female Cambodians and is widely believed to be an excellent cure for acne. A vendor in the coastal city of Sihanoukville confirmed that she sold many packages of the condom lucricant to women every day.

As funny as this may sound this isn’t the first use of condom related material as an everyday object as you can read in our older articles about action movie condoms and football socks condoms.

For a short glimpse at the Number One Plus brand you can watch this youtube video here. We suggest you’ll wait for more research on the phenomenon before you start tryouts with your local lubricants.

Via Yahoo News.

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