No Condoms for Karl Lagerfeld

It’s interesting where individuals draw the line, and why… Karl Lagerfeld is a preeminent fashion designer currently heading the House of Chanel. But beyond couture, he’s ventured out to design everything from Shu Uemura make-up and Melissa jelly shoes to Coca Cola bottles and even a helicopter. He’s partnered with H&M too. Even though he mostly designs attire, according to French magazine Madame Le Figaro, Mr. Lagerfeld never wants to design something that a lot of men wear often… condoms!

What would condoms designed by Karl Lagerfeld look like? Would they be slim-fitting? Would they be in his iconic black and white style? We guess the world will never know.

Unless Lagerfeld changes his mind. In the same interview, he said, “Maybe… You know, I am mainstream. This exclusivity, it’s old-fashioned. The product has to defend itself.”

Would you buy condoms designed by Chanel’s 79 year-old head designer? Who would you like to see design a line of condoms?

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