#newcondombrands Twitter Meme

As promised in an earlier post about new condom brands I’m going to list some of the creations that are being posted to twitter right now containing the hashtag #newcondombrands. As this is only going on in Africa right now, many of these will be a bit cryptic to European or American readers, but maybe some of the creators can link to the brands in question in the comments.

I have no clue where this condom brand creation began, but maybe someone can post it and I will update the post. Also feel free to add any #newcondombrands in the comments that I have not yet added to the main article.

Update: As of now 3 hours later the tweets seem to be stopping as #newcondombrands has not become a trending topic yet.

Microsoft Condoms – Your request cannot be completed.


Motorola condoms – HELLO MTOTO.

Justin Bieber Female Condoms.

Old Trafford Condoms – the Theatre of Dreams.

Firestone Condoms – Where the rubber meets the pudesh!

lifebouy condoms – eliminates 99.9% of horniness.

Museveni condoms – Do you want another round?

#newcondombrands – Contain that viper before you pipe her.

Facebook condoms – Just Poke her #NewCondomBrands.

JVC condoms – the perfect experience.

Dear people, this just a start. I will keep updating with your help. Great work out there.

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