New Condom Brands (Using Company Tag-Lines)

Right now there’s a meme going on on twitter, where people ask what would happen if every day products became condom brands while using their brand tag-lines. For everyone interested in seeing these new imaginary condom brands pop up try a twitter search for #newcondombrands.

That is a hashtag used to identify an identical subject on twitter updates. If enough updates with the same hashtag are posted – in this case – #newcondombrands, then it might become a trending topic on twitter and therefor be even more visible to twitter users. Which is why I will post another post immediately where I’ll collect these new condom brand creations.

I don’t want to miss the opportunity though to also showcase some of the existing creations out there. Here’s a collection of brands from Nike Condoms to Coca-Cola Condoms:

  • Nike Condoms – Just do it.
  • Peugeot Condoms – The ride of your life.
  • Sony Condoms – Do not underestimate the power of Sony Condoms.
  • Microsoft Condoms – Where do you want to put it today?
  • Safeway Condoms – Lightening the Load
  • Abbey National Condoms – Because life’s complicated enough.
  • Ever Ready Condoms – Keep going and going..
  • ESSO Condoms- The eye of the Tiger.
  • Pringles Condoms – Once you pop, you just can’t stop.
  • Burger King Condoms – Home of the Whopper.
  • Goodyear – Condoms For a longer ride go wide.
  • Ronseal Condoms – does exactly what it says on the packet!
  • Vauxhall condoms – Raising the Standard!
  • ONdigital condoms – Plug and Play !!!
  • L’Oreal condoms – Because I’m worth it
  • Pepsi Condoms – Taste the difference
  • Coca-cola Condoms – The real thing.
  • Guinness Condoms – Good things come to those who wait.
  • Polo Mint Condoms – The one with the hole.
  • Muller Condoms – Pleasure without the pain.

If Condoms Had Sponsors

From another source is the if condoms had sponsors parody. It’s an illustration (I’m sorry for not posting it here – I don’t know who’s the copyright holder – a quick search engine search will help you out) with 8 everyday-life brands transformed into condom brands:

  • Mc Donalds – We love to see you smile
  • Pringles – Once you pop, you can’t stop
  • Energizer – It keeps going and going and going
  • Nike – Just do it
  • KFC – Finger-lickin’ good
  • Bounty – The quicker picker-upper
  • M&M’s – It melts in your mouth, not in your hands
  • Chevy Truck – Like a rock

If you have come across any other tag-line-condom-brand creations, let me know in the comments.

Source Yourjokes

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