NEW Beyond Seven .004 Condoms from Okamoto — So Thin You’ll Feel Like You Are Wearing Almost Nothing

Beyond Seven .004 Condoms

Beyond Seven .004 Condoms

Can anything be thinner than ultra thin? We didn’t think so but we’d like to introduce you to the #1 condom in Japan for quite some time — Beyond Seven 004 Condoms from Okamoto. Finally hitting American shores, these condoms have a thickness of merely .004mm. That IS thinner than thin and even ultra thin.

Made of Sheerlon, a type of latex that is thinner than regular latex, 004 Condoms are also just as strong and durable as any condom you can find plus they really give you the feeling that you are wearing almost nothing.

Okomoto 004 condoms come from the manufacturer of Beyond Seven and Crown Condoms so they have a solid reputation in providing protection against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Herpes, etc. Made in Japan of premium Sheeron latex, 004 condoms are lightly lubricated and have a reservoir tip.

The 004 Zero Zero Four Condoms are currently available in the United States in 10 count and 24 count boxes.

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