UK National Condom Week Kicks off with Survey


Currently, Durex accounts for approximately 29% of the global branded condom market. The company sells condoms in over 130 countries worldwide and is the market leader in more than 40 markets. That’s the perfect base for the company’s yearly surveys.

There’s another one just coming up at the UK’s National Condom Week of 18 – 24 May 2009 and Durex is hoping to address the biggest possible number of people.

Durex is kicking off National Condom Week (18 – 24 May 2009) by launching what it hopes will be the biggest ever insight into the sexual habits and practices of the nation. Please go to one of the websites below to take part and stand the chance of winning great prizes. And invite as many people as possible to join this group. Findings will be published by a national news partner later this year.

If you want to be part of this join the the British Sex Survey or the facebook group. Goody bags were up for grabs for the ones who invited their friends, but they are all gone by now.

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