NARS Going Safer Set

Lately there’s been a lot going on in the fashion condom world. On one side it’s condom brands being more fashionable and on the other side it’s the fashion industry raising awareness. NARS who marketed their products with Orgasms and Sins and Deep Throats in the past brings a limited edition of NARS condoms.

And it’s not without a little grin on my face that I’m featuring NARS’ Safer Set (Sephora exclusivity) on condomunity today. The Safer Set comes with two condoms (with PREVENTION IS THE CURE printed on) so you can get sexy safely. It also comes with the cream stick with a cult following, Multiple in Orgasm, that delivers a peachy flush and a shimmery accent to eyes, cheeks, and lips.

NARS Safe Set Sephora

The cream stick is a peachy pink shimmer (see more details when clicking on the picture). And as it’s often the case, part of the sales benefit Amfar programs to promote global safe sex education initiatives. The clue about the product is that it has a counterpart: the abstinence loving Safest Set. The kit contains a little black book that lists out all of the ways to say ‘no’ and let your wannabe lover down easy.

NARS Safer Set Sephora

A clever product for the fashion ladies out there.

Product Page [Via Beauty Addict]

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