Musical Condom – it Exists

The recently published 60+ Incredible Patents You Don’t Want to Miss get a short – but worthy addition. One of the patents was a force-sensitive, sound playing condom that never really went into production.

The condom however got higly popular in the blogosphere for a short time. Now I found another musical condom that actually exists.

Originally patented as a “real” condom it’s now rather good for entertainment purposes. The musical condom comes equipped with:

  • a medium with recorded sound and with a reproduction device (3)
  • a switch (4) activated by pressure or its removal for starting up the sound
  • a small battery (5) as the energy source

Although it’s difficult to find more information about this at the moment, it’s said to be singing either “Love Me Tender”, “Happy Birthday” or “Wedding March”. The inventors’ latest plans were to teach the condoms to talk too.

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