Mr. Cond. iPhone App

After the recent Durex Spice Dice iPhone App review I found another related iPhone app called Mr. Cond. It has both a free and a paid version which sits at 0.99 cents in the US iTunes Store.

The gameplay consists of wildly shooting condoms at villains like viruses etc. Here’s what the app developers Timeborn LLC have to say for its creation:

It’s an exciting game! Various opponents, unique gameplay, nice graphics. You can play with accelerometer. Everybody must think of their health. Your uncare about health and safety is results in death.

Mr. Cond User Ratings

That’s what the game label says. The user ratings however are at 2 or 3 stars (of a 5 stars total) for the paid version respectively.

Mr. Cond Review

And I’m not too impressed either. The idea for Mr. Cond is a really old one that was developed by the Swiss HIV prevention center and then spread for free around the world. It was called catch the sperm back then & looked a lot better in my humble opinion.

To be fair though, you may always dowload the free version of Mr Cond on your iTunes Store and give it a try. If the full version seems worth 0.99 cents then go for it. If you’re reading this article and have bought the full version, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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