Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza for Condom Use

Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza is helping to raise condom awareness among South American men.

As a spokesperson for the campaign “Hombres de Verdad” (Men of Truth) the beauty queen visited Nicaragua and its capital Managua this week. The campaign is part of No todos los hombres son iguales by PASMO (Organización Panamericana de Mercadeo Social) a social marketing entity active in Central America.

On Wednesday she reminded the Central American men not to forget to use condoms because this might save their lifes and the ones of their partners. She added that, everyone could get HIV because AIDS hasn’t got a face (“cara”), color or any other form of looks.

As a matter of fact that is an important point many people seem to forget. Can you tell someone has AIDS or any other STDs? For everyone who’s unsure about the question raised, visit the link and let Posornot.com by MTV Networks give you the answers.

Dayana Mendoza is leaving Nicaragua today, however the rest of the world can hope to see her in her role as a spokesperson for this campaign. Venezuela, El Salvador, Europe and the USA are on her list next.

And because she’s so beautiful and sharing such an important message here are some pictures of the event in Managua, Nicaragua.

Dayana Mendoza for Pasmo

Pasmo is part of the organisation PSI, a nonprofit in the health area.

Dayana Mendoza for Pasmo 4

Dayana with the Red Ribbon

Dayana Mendoza for Pasmo 2

Dayana with Campaign Officials
On the left direcor of PASMO Nicaragua Dr. Moncada, right an official of the Department of Health.

Dayana Mendoza for Pasmo 3

Via HoyMujer/EFE. Sincere thanks and picture credits Jorge Mejía Peralta/Nicaragua.

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