Make Sure to Always Use Condoms Properly

Sex has been happening, and enjoyed, since the beginning of time in every area of the world.

In the past few decades, safer sex practices have been widely promoted globally and the availability and use of condoms has dramatically increased. People having sex and using condoms is good. However, according to the Journal of Sexual Health’s new study, even though condoms are being used more, even in developing nations, improper use of condoms is negating the best intentions for safer sex. The study states that

Condom use seems simple, but in reality there are a lot of factors that can reduce condom effectiveness as was indicated in the study. Based on 50 articles representing 14 countries, the study states that although people are using condoms, they may not use them throughout the entire sexual act. Some put the condom on upside down while others don’t leave enough room at the tip. Using anything other than water-based lubricants on most condoms can reduce their effectiveness. Breakage, slippage and ill-fitting condoms were also cited as universal problems.

Promoting the use and merits of condoms has been effective; now there needs to be better education on how to use condoms to further improve sexual health worldwide. If you are newer to using condoms or have a few questions, refer to the literature that comes in the package or read about hot to use a condom here.

If you are using condoms to prevent an unplanned pregnancy or an STD like HIV, herpes or clamidya, make sure to always use condoms properly, and use them every time you have sex. Safe sex is the best sex.

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