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Levi’s 69 with a Condom


On December 1st next Monday is World Aids Day. Therefore it's a great time to write about some of the campaigns about HIV awareness.

Levi's was one of the first companies worldwide to engage in the fight against HIV/AIDS more than 25 years ago. For several weeks prior to and during the week of December 1, Levi’s stores around the world are featuring signage and information about HIV/AIDS, and offering commemorative items consumers can wear to show their support for global attention to the issue.

Of course we were interested in some of the results and what you will find in the Levi's stores these days. Many countries will have some of their own local campaigns. This is what Brazil's Levi's stores will have in stock from the first of December.

Brazil Campaign 69 com camisinha

levis stop aids Levis 69 with a Condom

This year in Brazil Levi's invited 5 people from different areas to do t-shirts: Sérgio Magalhães (advertiser), Adriane Galisteu (TV hostess), Cako Martin (artist), BLuxo (fashion designers) and Miro (photografer). As already mentioned the t-shirts campaigned 69 com camisinha will be made available on December 1st. The profits will go to an organization called "Sociedade Viva Cazuza".

Levi's 69 com camisinha t-shirts
The 5 different t-shirt designs.

levis69comcamisinhamixbaixa Levis 69 with a Condom


levis 69 galisteubaixa Levis 69 with a Condom


levis 69 bluxobaixa Levis 69 with a Condom

Sergio Magalhaes
Look down, I'm using condoms.

levis 69 sergio magalhaes baixa Levis 69 with a Condom


levis 69 miro baixa Levis 69 with a Condom


levis 69 cako baixa Levis 69 with a Condom

So if you're in Brazil at the time you might want to support Levi's ongoing efforts in fighting HIV. Since 1982 they have contributed more than $38 million to HIV/AIDS service organizations in more than 40 countries. The Brazilian campaign is made by Centoeseis and Duo Press.

Sincere thanks to Milton


  1. Is there a place to donate?

    Using coke for distribution is pretty clever, imho.

  2. @Gab Goldenberg: Gab thanks for being the first one to comment. Troy currently doesn't plan to take donations, we designed this to be a campaign everyone can easily support - without any money. You can for example share the story with all your facebook/stumble contacts, that's how you can help effectively to make his message heard.

  3. I think this is a GREAT idea. While it may not solve all the problems related to HIV in Africa, it's a really good start - it will get people thinking and give them access to something that can save their life. It's worth a try!
    I'm already part of the facebook group, and I'd like to recommend joining - spread awareness! A big facebook group can get CocaCola to act. I'm convinced.
    Keep up the good work condomunity!

  4. Kinda limiting - why not set up a simple paypal button?

  5. @ Gab G.: I think it's really great of you to want to donate for this campaign. I'm just not sure what you want your money to be spent on? Donating for a good cause is always a good idea, but the main point of this campaign, as I understand it, is to gather as many supporters as possible in order to be able to convince the Coca Cola Company to pick up on the idea of distributing condoms. The more people think this is a good idea, the less likely it is for Coca Cola to say no. Of course money wouldn't hurt this campaign, but with the possibilities of the internet you don't even need it to spread the idea. Maybe once Coke has accepted the proposal, money could be raised for specific actions, then people would know what they're donating for exactly. What do you think?
    I think for now the best you can do is to spread the word in every possible way. That might be even more valuable than money, for now...

  6. @ Steffi & Gab G

    Steffi you are exactly right. It is important to increase numbers, yes, but in reference to people, rather than dollars at the moment. The more people that show support for a campaign like this, the more likely is it for Coke to take notice and actually do something about it. But Steffi, you have described what we are about so exactly, I'd just be repeating what you said if I continue.
    At the moment, the best form of support is joining our facebook group and having as many friends do the same thing, so invite them all!
    Steffi, leave a post on the facebook group wall, so I can identify you and have you made an administrator/officer if you want. Troy.

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