Legends Condoms to Be Sold

Legends Condoms Logo

These times of prosperity for condom marketers/producers might just be the perfect takeover time. And sure enough we’ve been sent a tip about a possible Legends Condoms sale in Australia. Legends are known for their neat packaging and sell about 4000 tins of condoms a month.

Lately the brand received a lot of publicity because of its plan to showcase controversial artist Hazel Dooney’s work on their condom boxes (it never came to being though). Legends condoms are also the first condoms in the world to be awarded cruelty-free certification from PETA, stating that there’s no animal testing involved in the production of this product.

Legends Typical Tin

There are ten various designs for the condom tins that are made in China and Malaysia. In 2007 Legends won a bronze medal for their product in the Packaging Design Awards. Now, in 2009, there two interested purchasers of Legend Rubbers and we might see them in new hands as soon as in two month’s time.

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