Last Longer in the Bedroom: Introducing LifeStyles Epic Male Genital Desensitizer


You expect it to happen when you are 80. And we all know that 18 year-olds have the same issue when they are just starting out, though for different reasons. But really, any man of any age has trouble being a marathon man sometimes. Heck, some have trouble even being a minute man. If you have ever had that embarrassing issue, or think you might, wouldn’t you like an easy way to keep you from finishing too fast? Introducing LifeStyles Epic, a fast-acting male genital desensitizer.

Spray it on to last longer

LifeStyles Epic is a male genital desensitizing spray. Now before you go thinking that such a product will keep you from feeling what you want to feel, no worries. This amazing new spray just helps you last longer so you don’t ejaculate in a minute.

Sound good?

OK, here’s the deal. It’s super simple to use Lifestyles Epic. All you have to do is squirt a few sprays on your willy before intercourse. Then go at it. After you finish, which won’t be for awhile, wash the product off. It’s that easy, and yes, it’s that good. Bet you just had the best sex you’ve had in a long time.

So just what makes this magic spray work? It’s got this cool ingredient called Lidocaine, which is actually an anesthetic that reduces the sensitivity of the penis to help prolong ejaculation. This genital desensitizing spray is quick drying and works really fast. It doesn’t smell, either.

A couple more things you might want to know is that it’s non-toxic. Plus it’s all FDA approved. It isn’t, however, proven safe to use with condoms.

We recommend Male Genital Desensitizer whole-heartedly for any man who needs a bit of help lasting longer in the bedroom.

Give this revolutionary new product a try and have an epic night of lovemaking.

Note: Consult with a doctor if you think you have a medical issue.

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